``Hungry stomachs have no ears``

The ALKARE Foundation, driven by the love and example of our Lord, Jesus Christ, is led to provide basic nutrition for Christian orphanages in highly economically challenged areas of the world.

The ALKARE Foundation believes that orphanages are a foundational place of social and spiritual repair in any society and, as such, are a perfect place to show God’s mercy, grace and hope. Providing nutrition, allows the organization to contribute in a fundamental and critical way to these facilities, allowing the administrators, educators and care givers to meet all the other needs of the children with lower burden.

It is our belief that when the basic needs or a child are met, they will be more receptive to basic education and ultimately to how God wants to work in their lives.  Our motto reflects this with the words “HUNGRY STOMACHS HAVE NO EARS”

Today we are providing support for five orphanages in Mexico and Africa (Uganda & Zambia). Through God’s leading, connections and diligence The ALKARE Foundation continues to look for other Christian orphanages to serve. Our goal, Lord willing, is to expand this ministry in the years to come improving the efficiency, quality and scope of our nutritional support where we are directed to go by our Lord.